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Fire extinguishing

Fire extinguishers and servicing in Edinburgh

Looking for a fire safety company that offers fire safety equipment and servicing at affordable prices? Contact R S Fire in Edinburgh today. 

Reliable fire extinguishing equipment supplier

R S Fire only supplies top-quality fire extinguishing equipment which complies to BS EN3 and are CE marked. These will give you the assurance that they will be fully operational if you ever need to use them. For more information about our products and services, give us a call today. 
Fire extinguisher sales in Midlothian

Fire extinguisher servicing:

Fire extinguishers require stringent maintenance to ensure that they will work when needed, or more importantly, are safe to use. To supplement your weekly own inspection we will conduct annual servicing to ensure compliance with BS 5306 Part 3.  We can provide this service to our own installations or pre-installed extinguishers.
CO2 fire extinguishers in Midlothian

Types of fire extinguishers available in various sizes:

  • Water
  • CO2 - electrical fires
  • Foam - fat and fuel fires
  • Powder - mixed risk environment
  • Wet chemical - cooking oil fires
  • Fire blankets - kitchen use
Risk Assessments in Midlothian
We offer various types of fire extinguishers in Edinburgh.
Please call R S Fire today on 
0131 476 1375
07764 226 434

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